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Hello New York! Canvas Storage Box

$ 19.95

Take your child through the iconic structures of New York's history. See the Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building, and the century old Brooklyn Bridge.

  • Designed for kids using a thicker core to help keep its shape from the pulling and weight of heavier toys.
  • For any shelf with at least 13.1" square inserts. Perfect fit for IKEA Kallax Bookshelf.
  • Combed felt appliqué is soft and smooth, with a vivid Pantone-colored dye for the extra pop in the room!
  • Largest square storage basket on the market at 13" x 13". Tightly wrapped and stitched in genuine cotton canvas.
  • Made in a family-operated, sweatshop-free sewing studio in Taiwan.

Our canvas storage boxes have a handmade-like warmth, and is very sturdy and durable.

New York City is part of our artsy and vibrant collection of city themes.